I have wondered recently if perhaps in life we don’t have a set “the one” like we are lead to believe. I wonder if we have two “the ones”, if we are lucky. Our first one is more lust, they’re the person who makes us want to rip our clothes off and run across a room, they make us want to do everything and anything. They become our world, because we are so in awe of them. You wake with a thirst to taste them on your lips, to feel their sweat against your body, their teeth graze your neck, clammy palms and swollen lips, saliva runs down your chin, their fingers in your mouth, they moan like the singing in ancient Babylon. They are the star.

The second one does not make you feel this at first it is different. This second one is a bridge over troubled water, they are safety, they are all those things you never realized you needed, they want to hear about your day and all of a sudden you are sharing the limelight, no longer are you in awe but you are equal, and perhaps being equal is more than you thought you’d get. Their mind stimulates all the corners and the cracks of you conscious self, you want to let them in and explore them with your words. They are pure, they are good, and though their sticky breath is not as sweet it is not bitter either, it is warm like chocolate dripping down your lips, and in time maybe it’ll feel as good licking it off their fingers as it did with the one before.


2 thoughts on ““The One” Repeated

  1. Great post, but also optimistic. You assume there’s not “the none”

    I’ve been looking hard and have not found “the one” – let alone more than one. And, I’ll just say that I’ve already hit and past age 30.

    I know what you may be thinking, but… I’m probably not as ugly, weird, living-in-my=parents-basement-ish, creepy, and unlovable as you think I am. Maybe some of us just never run across their one, or their second one? or, maybe some of us paired with a soul mate? Or, maybe just I wasn’t. 😦

    I’m going to go cry myself to sleep now thanks to your post,

    But I do like your blog and am going to follow.


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    1. I try to keep some optimism however if it comforts you, I don’t believe that these “ones” necessarily stick around, in life I believe we get to experience them and if it works that’s great but if not we must continue on our path. However you never know what’s around the corner, we never truly know what we’ll find, there’s someone out there for you still and I often find it’s through the darkest twists of irony we find these ones.

      Thank you for the follow, I too shall follow you.

      P.S please don’t cry

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